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Residential Protection Services

The value of incorporating an effective safety system in residential locations is always perceived lightly. The misconception of true value is highly distorted.

Usually high risk security is associated with expensive objects or possessions. We understand that there is no greater value than one's being, family, and the preservation of life. We take great pride in providing a civilized, safe, pleasant, accommodating residential environment by displaying a presence which deters individuals with inappropriate criminal's intension.

S.W.A.T. Security Officers & Investigators accepts the challenging opportunity to implement an Elite Team to rectify, convert, and promote the appropriate reputation explicitly demonstrating that all residential violations and criminal activity will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly. The success of such a defense relies on the capabilities, expertise, training, certifications,tactical and technical capabilities of an elite security unit. A humble, proactive, de-escalating, assertive approach is constantly reinforced in tactical training.

We provide prior Law Enforcement and Military professional with extensive expertise and experience. All Officers receive constant intense training on new advanced technological observation techniques with state of the art equipment. Communication skills, Safety Techniques, Liabilities, Identification Techniques, Law Enforcement compliance and assistance, Emergency Response Techniques and Tactics are essential, reinforced, enhanced, and perfected which creates an effective reflex which is crucial in enhancing the response time.